Jose Sanson Espinosa III a.k.a. Joe III

Jose Sanson Espinosa III a.k.a. JOE III

October 7, 2009
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Jose S. Espinosa III popularly known as “Joe III” (born on June 20, 1956 is the 8th child of Jose “Mor” Espinosa Jr. and Lolita V. Sanson a native of Iloilo City is currently an incumbent Sanggunian Panlungod Member, serving his 2nd year, having been re-elected in 2007 local election.

Joe III (fondly called by his colleagues and friends) had previously served the City Council for 3 consecutive terms from 1989 to 1998.

As an incumbent Councilor, Joe III chaired the Committee on Appropriation, Committee on Trade, Commerce and Industry, and lastly, Committee on Good government, Public Accountability and Oversight.


Early life and career
1.1 Education
1.2 Private Sectoral Involvement

Political governance
2.1 As City Legal officer
2.2 As Incumbent Councilor
2.3 As an Environment Friendly Councilor

3 Major Accomplishments as City
3.1 As Sanggunian Member
3.2 Legislative Responsibilities
3.3 Task Force Responsibilities

Honors and Awards


Joe III (as he fondly called) signing the Memorandum of Agreement with the ABS-CBN Iloilo Dance Sports.

Councilor Iloilo City
Assistant Floor Leader
Assumed Office
June 30, 2007

Councilor, Iloilo City
Elected for 3 Consecutive Terms
1989 – 1992
1992 – 1995
1995 – 1998

Born        June 20, 1956
Nationality    Filipino
Wife        Gina Agnes D. Sarabia
Children    1. Regine Amparo Espinosa
2. Maria Patricia Espinosa
3. Beatrice Mary Agnes Espinosa
4. Ma. Christina Isabel Espinosa
Residence    Villa Las Palmas Subd., Tabuc
Suba, Jaro, Iloilo City
Alma Mater    A. Montes Elem. School
University of Iloilo High School Department
University of San Agustin, Iloilo
Occupation    Lawyer, Politician
Profession    Lawyer, Politician
Religion    Roman Catholic

Early life and career

Joe III was born on June 20, 1956, a native of Iloilo City is the 8th child of Jose “Mor” Espinosa Jr. and Lolita V. Sanson.

Joe III is married to the former Miss Gina Agnes Divinagracia Sarabia a gemologist and they were gifted with four (4) beautiful daughters namely: Regine Amparo, Maria Patricia, Beatrice Mary Agnes and Ma. Christina Isabel.


Joe III at early age, attended and graduated at the A. Montes Elementary School, finished high school at the University of Iloilo, earned his Bachelor Degree in Political Science and Economic at the University of San Agustin, Iloilo City and later he graduated in the School of Law and Graduate Studies at the same University.

During his tender years as student, young Joe III confirmed his inclination to be a successful businessman-politician, when at the age of 8 Joe III was already elected Business Manager (School wide) of A. Montes Elementary School. On his high school days, Joe III was elected Senator and garnered the Senate Presidency during his incumbency at the University of Iloilo Junior Council. He was also a class President of the Sigma Alpha Lex of the School of Law at the University of San Agustin.

Private Sectoral Involvement

Prior to reckon  back and now as an incumbent Councilor of Iloilo City, Joe III had been actively involved in both civic and sports activities. His short-lived appointment as City Legal officer in 2003, the City Mayor assigned him various task force plantilla for the private sector consumption, to oversee the needs of the city’s constituents in the 180 barangays – making him more reliable and competent in private and public governance. He became the Chairman of Iloilo City Sports Council, Executive Board Member Boy Scout of the Philippines, Executive Officer – Crisis/Disaster Management Office.

With regards to his personal upleftment in society, he was formerly an Instructor in Economics at the University of San Agustin, Iloilo City; he became the former President of Panay Amatuer Radio Club Inc. (PARC), Photographic Society of Iloilo, Rotary Club of Metro Iloilo, APEX Club of Iloilo. Joe III is the incumbent President of the University of San Agustin Alumni Association, former Director of the Red Cross of the Philippines – Iloilo City Council, Legal Adviser of Mountain Tigers Inc., former Treasurer – Integrated Bar of the Philippines – Iloilo Chapter, 3rd Degree Member Knight of Columbus, Lapaz Tennis Club Member and the former President and Assistant. District Governor of Rotary District 3850 – Zone II
Political Governance

As City Legal Officer (2003-2004)

Joe III’s political career earned prominence when during his term (short lined) as City Legal Officer many cases against the city where reversed and tax claim against person/s and/or corporation were given due course and was paid for to the City of Iloilo. The best example of those undertakings was: Gegato-Abecia Case (an Anti Clean Air Act of 1999), the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) – vs. – The City of Iloilo (a tax collection case), and the Expropriation Case City of Iloilo vs. Hon. Rene Honrado

Joe III initiated the launching of the City Experimentation scheme of the time loss and time earned (critical path method) during the dry-run of transport vehicles coming from the different terminals of Jaro, Lapaz, Mandurriao and Arevalo, as the basic preparatory requirement for the successful implementation of the former PBO 2002-400 which was later on revised and approved Ordinance No. 2004-268.

As Incumbent Councilor

Joe III continued his political career serving his constituents by sponsoring major City Ordinances and Resolutions, namely:

Sponsored Regulation Ordinance No. 2004-268 the Revised Ordinance Establishing Perimeter Boundaries for Provincial Utility vehicles entering the City of Iloilo, and in consonance with the approval of this Ordinance, he sponsored and later on approved Regulation Ordinance Nos. 2006-019, 2006-012, 2006-011, 2006-010, 2006-009, 2006-008, 2005-214, 2005-073, 2005-072, 2005-071, 2005-070, 2005-069, 2005-068 an Ordinance Granting Franchise to Perimeter Terminal Operators to Establish and Operate a Public Utility Vehicle Terminal at the Respective Perimeter Boundary location at the different districts of Iloilo City.

As Chairman on Appropriation, Joe III sponsored Ordinance No. 2004-090 An Ordinance Appropriating the amount of Seven Hundred Two Million Pesos (P702,000,000.00) as Calendar Year 2005 Annual Budget to be made available as Appropriation of the City Government of Iloilo to be taken from the estimates of income certified as reasonably collectible for Calendar Year 2005. Ordinance No. 2004-069 an Ordinance Approving the General Fund Supplemental Budget No. 4 of the City of Iloilo, for CY 2004 in the amount of P19,625,919.00. Ordinance No. 2004-091 An Ordinance Approving the General Fund Supplemental Budget No. 5 of the City of Iloilo, for CY 2004 in the amount of P16,189,448.97. Ordinance No. 2005-003 an Ordinance Appropriating the amount of P 86,100.00 for payment of the Magna Carta of Seven (7) Contractual Personnel of the National TB Program (Crush TB), City Health Office, Iloilo City. Ordinance No. 2005-004 An Ordinance Approving General Fund Supplemental Budget No. 1, of the City of Iloilo, for CY 2005, in the amount of P27,350,670.00. Ordinance No. 2005-091 an Ordinance Appropriating the amount of Seven Hundred Fifty Six Million Forty Three Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Seven Pesos (Php 756,043,397.00) as Calendar Year 2006 Annual Budget. Ordinance No. 2006-016 An Ordinance Approving General Fund Supplemental Budget No. 2 of the City of Iloilo, for CY 2006, in the amount of Thirty Three Million Five Hundred Fifty Nine Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Six Pesos & 02/100 (Php 33,559,236.02). Ordinance No. 2006-068 an Ordinance Approving General Fund Supplemental Budget No. 5 of the City of Iloilo, for CY 2006, in the amount of One Hundred Sixty Six Million Ninety Three Thousand Four Hundred Sixty Three Pesos (Php 166,093,464.00). Ordinance No. 2006-083 an Ordinance Approving General Fund Supplemental Budget No. 6 of the City of Iloilo for CY 2006, in the amount of Twenty Three Million Six Hundred Fifty Three Thousand Eight Hundred Forty Five Pesos & 30/100 (Php 23,653,845.30). Ordinance No. an Ordinance Appropriating the amount of One Billion Two Hundred One Million Two Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php 1,201,200,000.00) as CY 2007 Annual Budget. Ordinance No. 2008-102 an Ordinance Approving the amount of Nine Hundred Fifty Eight Million Four Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Five Pesos (Php 958,494,995,00) as CY 2009 Annual Budget to be made available as Appropriation of the City Government of Iloilo to be taken from the Estimates of Income Certified as reasonably Collectible for Calendar Year 2009. Ordinance No. 2009-008 an Ordinance Approving General Fund Supplemental Budget No. 1, of the City of Iloilo for CY 2009, in the amount of One Hundred Sixteen Million Three Hundred Three Thousand Four Hundred Twenty Pesos and 55/100 (Php 116,303,420.55) to be taken from Funds Certified by the City Treasurer, Iloilo City. Ordinance No. 2009-017 an Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 2009-010 Approving General Fund Supplemental Budget No. 2 for CY 2009 of the City of Iloilo in the amount of Six Million Eight Hundred Ten Thousand Five Hundred Forty Nine Pesos and 84/100 (Php 6,810,549.84). Ordinance No. 2009-019 an Ordinance Approving General Fund Supplemental Budget No. 3, of the City of Iloilo for CY 2009, in the amount of Twenty Seven Million Nine Hundred Thirty Five Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty Two Pesos and 52/100 (Php 27,935,882.52) to be taken from funds certified by the City Treasurer, Iloilo City.

He also sponsored Resolution No. 2005-032 A Resolution Authorizing to charge the account payable for garbage collection and disposal for the months of December 2004 in the amount of P 2,618,694.00 against the account “Garbage Collection & Disposal” current year appropriation, CY 2005. Resolution No. 2005-033 a Resolution authorizing to charge rental of Bulldozer for the months of October, November and December, 2004 in the amount of Php 1,545,600.00 against rent expense heavy equipment, current year appropriation. Resolution No. 2005-052 a Resolution Requesting Her Excellency, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, to Implement the Iloilo Flood Control Project (IFCP). Resolution No. 2005-140 a Resolution authorizing the charging of the amount of Php 276,666,94 for payment of telephone bills of various offices of the City Government of Iloilo for the period of November 5, 2004 to December 4, 2004 to January 4, 2005, against the “Communication Services” account, current year’s appropriation. Resolution No. 2005-599 a Resolution in Support of the Administration of Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Strongly Adhere to the Legal and Constitutional Process of our Democratic Society. Resolution No. 2005-936 a Resolution Approving Annual Development Plan and Annual Investment Incorporated therein of the City of Iloilo for Calendar Year 2005 which contains the list of projects to be funded out of the 20% Ira Development Fund in the amount of Php 62,000,000.00. Resolution No. 2005-1053 a Resolution approving the Realignment of certain projects in the approved Annual Development Plan and Annual Investment Plan for CY 2003, 2004 and 2005 with amendments: CY 2003 – Construction of Dike with Footbridge – Php 500,000.00 realigned to Declogging to Rizal Creek, Lapaz, Iloilo City. Resolution No. 2005-1054 A Resolution approving the additional Development Projects for the City of Iloilo to be incorporated in the approved Annual Development Plan 2005. Resolution No. 2005-1055 A resolution approving the different Development Projects Identified in the City Development Council Resolution No. 3, series of 2005, with updated information that the same shall be funded by the continuing appropriations and the 20% Development Fund of the CY 2005 Supplemental Budget No. 3. Resolution No. 2005-1283 A Resolution Authorizing the Use of the CY 2005 Supplemental Budget Balances (SB No. 5 – Php 587,778.00; SB No. 6 – Php 954,772.00 and SB no. 7 – Php 385,634.00) in the amount of Php 1,928,184.00 for the implementation of Projects for Cy 2005. Resolution No. 2005-1402 A Resolution approving CY 2006 Annual Development plan and Annual Investment Program of the City of Iloilo which contains the list of projects to be funded out of the 20% Development fund in the amount of Php 65,308,680.00. Resolution No. 2006-134 A Resolution Authorizing the charge the PECO account amounting to Php 7,450,211.55 for the month of November and December 2005, against current year’s appropriation, under the “Electricity” account of the City. Resolution No. 2006-233 A Resolution Authorizing the City Mayor to sign for and in behalf of the Iloilo City Government, the Contract of Agreement by and between the Iloilo City Government and G.F. Falcis Construction and Supply for the Declogging of Rizal Creek at Rizal Street, Lapaz, Iloilo City, in the amount of Php 499,950.00. Resolution No. 2006-1668 A Resolution approving the Annual Development plan and annual Investment Program of the City of Iloilo for Calendar Year 2007 in the amount of Php 74,000,000.00. Resolution No. 2007-152 A Resolution Urging Her Excellency, Pressident Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to Veto Consolidated House Joint Resolution No. 1 which seek to Convert 13 Municipalities into Cityhood status.

As Chairman on Trade Commerce and Industry Joe III sponsored an Ordinance No. 2009-256 an Ordinance Amending Regulation Ordinance No. 2006-114, As Amended by Regulation Ordinance No. 2006-118, Entitled “The Iloilo City Investment Incentives Code of 2006” or the Tax Holiday.

As an Environment-Friendly Councilor

Joe III also sponsored a Resolution No. 2007-072 A resolution Confirming the Ten-Year Integrated Solid Waste Management plan of Iloilo City adopted by the Iloilo City Solid Waste Management Board (ICSWD), per resolution no. 18, series of 2006 dated December 21, 2006 As representative of the City, coalesced with various government coordinates like Department of Energy, DENR, City Enro, ect. Including the United States agency (USAID), USDOE, SEDP in propagating alternative energy development program thru information drive, orientation seminars, and transport caravans. As Chairman of the Metro Iloilo Guimaras Clean Cities Coalition (MIGCCC), he initiated the launching of the alternative fuels thru cinema slides and other means of media so that the ultimate goal and objective for the utilization of bio fuels and other sources of alternative energy can reach the knowledge up to the barangay level.

He participated in various seminars and conferences in Manila, Davao. Presently Joe III is the founding Chairman of Metro Iloilo-Guimaras Clean Cities Coalition Inc., a non-stock, non-profit corporation whose primary objective is the propagation of the methodology against the widespread danger of global warming. Thru his efforts, Joe III conducted seminars and conferences in the barangay level with the cooperation of the Pinoy Green academy (Youth Talents for the Environment) participants by teaching the children of the barangay how to properly use water in cleaning their hands, how to save our environment thru proper disposal of our garbage and taught them the danger of smoke-belching and air pollution. The reality of global warming and its effects our daily lives.

Major Accomplishment as City Councilor

As Sangguniang Member:
Balanced the City Budget for Thirteen Years as Chairman of Committee on Appropriations
Settled all major obligations of the City unpaid by previous administration
Specially obligations of the City on Power and the City Hospital
Established the Traffic Program of the City
Established the Children Infectious Ward at West Visayas Medical Center
In cooperation with Apex Club of the Philippines – Iloilo
Principal Author of Personnel Selection Board Ordinance – City of Iloilo
Former President – University of San Agustin Law Alumni Association

Legislative Responsibilities
Assistant Floor Leader, Sangguniang Panlungsod
Chairman, Committee on Appropriations
Chairman, Committee on trade, Commerce and Industry
Chairman, Committee on Good Government
Vice-Chairman, Committee on Youth and Sport Development
Vice-Chairman, Committee on Information, Technology and Computerization
Member, Committee on Rules, Ordinances, Resolution Style, Justice and Legal Affairs
Member, Committee on Engineering, Construction and Public Works
Member, Committee on Urban Planning, Housing and land Development, Zoning, Expropriation, Assessment and land Acquisition
Member, Committee on Social Services and Disaster Relief
Member, Committee on Barangay Affairs and Community Development
Member, Committee on Games, Amusement and professional Sports

Task Force Responsibilities
Chairman, Iloilo City Sports Council
Chairman, Committee that will study and review existing Incentives Ordinance of the City of Iloilo
Chairman, Technical Working Group for the Central Business District Revitalization Project (CBD)
Chairman, Technical Working Group for the Guimaras-Iloilo Terminal System (GIFTS) Project
Chairman, Clean Cities Task Force Coalition
Co-Chairman, Larolympics Committee
Vice-Chairman, Anti-Poverty council
Vice-Chairman, Iloilo Art Festival Committee
Co-Vice Chairman, Naming the Members of the Iloilo City Local Price Coordinating Council
Members, Personnel Selection Board
Member, Iloilo City Development Council Executive Committee
Member, Iloilo City Disaster Coordinating Council
Member, Constituting the Members of the Overseas Filipino Workers Economic Council of Iloilo City
Member, Iloilo City Investment Incentives Board
Member, Ad Hoc Committee to Study the Proposal of Mega World Corporation
Member, Task Force Calle Real
Member, Executive-Legislative Agenda team (ELA TEAM)
Member, Iloilo City Gawad Kalinga Coordinating and Development Council
Member, Iloilo City Shelter Plan Development Council
Member, Committee for the Construction of the New City Hall
Executive Director, Executive Committee of 108th year independence Day Celebration

Honors and Awards
Outstanding Club President Rotary District 3850
Outstanding Graduate University of Iloilo
Most Outstanding Apexian of the Philippines
Distinguish High School Graduate, University of Iloilo
Benefactor Rotary Foundation International
3rd Runner Up Iloilo Filipino-Chinese Golfers association Year-End Tournament
Presidential Award Rotary Club of Metro Iloilo District 3850, Philippines
Service Above Self Award Rotary Club of Metro Iloilo District 3850
Invaluable support to the Panay Eagles Association Inc.
Invaluable support to the Small Business Summit
Invaluable support to the College of Arts & Sciences, University of San Agustin
Unselfish Support and Services to Jalandoni Memorial National High School
Invaluable Support to Rotary Club Of Iloilo City R.I. District 3850
Invaluable Support to Philippines Paramedical School of Iloilo Inc.
Invaluable Support to Iloilo City Task Force in Street Children Iloilo Juvenile Welfare Association, Inc.


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